Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TummyTRIPManila in Bacolod: Chicken House

After checking out the fish market for some seafood to be brought home to Manila, we had  inasal for dinner at Chicken House (north). 

All four of us ordered the paa with garlic rice and a side order of liempo. What can I say? The chicken inasal was the best I've tasted , fully cooked all the way to the inside, juicy and the skin was crispy. Heaven with a bit of chicken oil and of course, the dipping sauce of sinamak, soy sauce , chili and calamansi. It was delicious in every bite. 

TummyTripManila in Bacolod: Calea

I've heard so many good things , rave reviews about Calea's cakes, their cheesecakes and other pastries so it was only fitting that immediately after our lunch at Aboy's , this was the next pit stop.

Calea's Cakes

I was dazzled with their display of cakes and frozen desserts. I wanted to order everything but settled on a slice of white chocolate cheesecake, mud pie and apple pie.

The cheesecake was heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth without being too sweet. I love it, it's different from the compact and heavy cheesecake some pastry shops in Manila serve.

White Chocolate Cheesecake

The mud pie had an orea cookie crust and chocolate ice cream, ganache and almond slivers. It was equally good.

Mud Pie

The same holds true for the apple pie.
Apple Pie

I'm in love with Calea. I hope the quality stays the same the next time I get to visit Bacolod.

TummyTripManila in Bacolod : Aboy's

We were in Bacolod for a friend's wedding and boy, we had a grand time , more like a feast sampling the local cuisine, the Negrense treats and the much talked about Calea cakes and pastries.

We arrived an hour before lunch and since we didn't have breakfast , only butter cake and coffee at PAL terminal, we were hungry and prepared to fill up our tummies with our first meal in Bacolod.  Our gracious host took us to Aboy's and even if it's a big place, it was packed with locals and visitors, definitely a must visit place.

We ordered grilled prawns, blue marlin, scallops, ensaladang talong, laing, fresh lumpia and oysters.  Mr. Aboy was there too!

We were happy with the food we ordered. Simple, grilled and everything tasted fresh.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wee Nam Kee

It's only our second time to eat at Wee Nam Kee, the first time was more than a year ago when they were still on soft opening.

We ordered the signature roast chicken rice, fish fillet with ginger and onion, brocolli flowers with garlic and sweet corn soup with chicken.

I love the thick corn soup but I feel it would have been better without the chicken cubes or if they used crab meat instead.

The roasted chicken was good,  it wasn't that hot when it was served though.  Love the chicken rice.

Roasted Chicken Rice

The fish fillets with ginger and onion were surprisingly yummy. I like this dish.

Fish Fillet with Ginger and Onions

The veggies were okay too.

We had yoghurt from the nearby Golden Spoon for dessert to cap this wonderful meal. And thank you to Marco's officemate for treating us!


Achiote is the newest Mexican joint of Chef Robby Goco. I admire Chef Robby's passion for good food ( Cyma, originally Ristras et al) so when I learned he opened a new Mexican resto at the Power Plant mall, I just had to try it . And we weren't disappointed.

We had the chips and salsa, carne asada burrito and mushrooms quesadillas. As expected, the burrito was huge and split into two.

Chips and Salsa

It was good and I like the long grain rice they used. I like the burst of flavors in every bite. One half is more than enough for one person but we still had the mushroom quesadilla.

Mushroom Quesadilla with Salad
I like the dressing they used on the salad. It was a mild lemon vinaigrette with a hint of sweetness. It was the perfect side dish to 4 huge quesadilla pieces filled with shitake mushrooms, mozarella cheese , beans , onion and other stuffings ( I didn't bother dissecting the piece, I was just too happy eating it haha ). This is definitely good for sharing.

We were stuffed like a burrito after but happy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant

Obviously, I'm no vegetarian but we just wanted to re-visit Greens along Scout Castor , sort of a detox from all the meat we've been consumming.  The last time I've been here was ages ago and I was curious if they added new items, or what we call faux dishes in their menu.

Greens uses vegemeat which others are not a fan of , they'd rather have the real vegetables. Once in awhile I apprecite it, the same holds true for Bodhi, another popular vegetarian food joint.

I ordered a minestrone soup and a pastel combo meal which includes organice brown rice.

My minestrone soup ( on the left) is watery and a bit bland. 

We had soy cheese melts and fried oyster mushrooms for appetizers.

Soy Cheese Melts

The soy cheese melt is like their version of the fried mozarella sticks but made with cheese containing no animal fat? This crispy log is okay, the cheese was wrapped in kani and breaded and fried to a crispy.

Fried Oyster Mushrooms
We usually make oyster mushrooms at home, we season it and dip it in cornstarch and fry in hot oil. Their version okay, I guess no one can mess up a simple dish like this.
Aglio Olio Pasta
They said the pasta is simple but good.

Now here's my order.

The pastel is covered in crust but the crust is so gummy! Oh well, so much for that. Taste wise, the pastel is a bit bland and paired with the brown rice, I wish I just ordered their classic barbecue or tofu and mushroom kebabs.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Bombay

When we're craving for Indian food, we hop over to New Bombay at Salcedo. We usually order samosas or palak paneer ( creamy spinach with cottage cheese )  plain or garlic naan or a chapati  to go with one of their curries and a biryani or masala.

For that lunch, I ordered the fish biryani with basmati rice. I love their biryani ,  consistently good.  They adjusted the spice level to mild.

Fish Biryani and Basmati Rice

We ordered the mutton curry with chapati also but I only had a small piece of the meat. The curry sauce was perfect and screaming for more basmati rice ha ha.

Mutton Curry and Chapati
New Bombay may not be the oldest Indian restaurant here , some say Kashmir is , but we're happy with it so far.